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Sakupan Choco Monaka selling in bulk


Sakupan Choco Monaka 10 piece set

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Greetings and welcome to our humble shop!

The TokyoTreat Shop is brought to you by the same dedicated team behind and!


TokyoTreat helps you discover new fun and tasty Japanese snacks delivered to your door monthly, while YumeTwins is a monthly delivery of kawaii licensed merchandise. We regularly ship boxes to thousands of subscribers in over 90+ countries around the world!

After the success of both “TokyoTreat” and “YumeTwins”, we’ve received endless requests from our community to give them the opportunity to purchase their favorite snacks or kawaii items. Since the content of our subscription boxes are exclusive and limited editions, most of them can’t be bought elsewhere. That’s why with our community’s feedback in mind, we decided to launch our very own online shop where you can easily purchase all your favorite products individually and have it conveniently delivered to your door.

At TokyoTreat Shop you will discover a wide variety of limited edition Japanese snacks and drinks like Sake KitKats, Pepsi Sakura, Watermelon Salt Fanta, Coconut Pocky and other rare treats! Other than that, you can also find exclusive plushies, figures, stationery and accessories. We guarantee that all items sold in our shop are fully licensed merchandise.

Being based in Tokyo, we have the advantage of working directly with snack manufacturers and famous brands where we receive a wholesaler rate which we pass directly to our customers. Our goal is to bring to our customers the freshest superior quality Japanese candy and also fully licensed merchandise at affordable prices.

We’re confident you’ll be delighted with every purchase from our TokyoTreat Shop!